Mary  Hagen

Mary Hagen

A 24-year-old entrepreneur and multi-business owner, Mary Hagen has her sights set on the outdoors industry. Through her grassroots apparel company, Mary has opened doors to shooting and other outdoors sports for women in unique and defining ways.
After years of wearing men’s gear to participate in her own hobbies (bow hunting, recreational shooting, etc.), Mary took control of the issue at hand, and began designing a solution. Less than a year later, the most effective, practical and fashionable gear and the only digital camouflage made just for women in the US was designed, and she called it Hagen Hunting. The rest is history!
Hagen believes that by making the outdoors more accessible for women through the apparel and gear available to them, the sporting industry will see the day when women lead the charge in hunting and shooting sports.