Ryan  Brady

Ryan Brady

Ryan was born into the horse industry through his father who was involved as an owner, trainer and equestrian dentist. He grew up helping and watching horses in his care until finally seeing racing outside of the Ohio circuit when he saw Cigar run on television in 1995. That's when he officially became a fan of horse racing and his love of the game has only grown stronger since. He spent most of his time at his home track of Thistledown with some winter trips to Mountaineer as well growing up. In 1999 that was halted as he had osteosarchoma bone cancer in his leg that had to be replaced with a metal rod. During that time he was watching the 1999 Breeder's Cup from Gulfstream Park and saw a segment about a group called K.T.T.C. (Kids To The Cup). Little did he know that winning an essay contest would change his life forever. Ryan is currently a major force in exhuming two-time Ohio Champion Glacial Princess and moving her to Old Friends Farm since Beulah Park is being demolished.