Gayatri  Martin

Gayatri Martin

Gayatri has over 25 years experience as a certified yoga instructor and detox health expert. She has training in empathic communication healing processes through Non Violent Communication, NVC and is a certified life coach. She developed "Celebrate Aliveness" counseling, brain training, healing, cleansing & detox services. Gayatri is a certified Childbirth Educator and taught hospital and private classes for 15 years.
She is the Director of CelebrateTango and was the organizer of NYC Tango Festival, USA Tango Film Festival and USA Tango Championship since their inceptions. She hosted a successful weekly milonga 'La Boca' for 6.5 years. Gayatri is a caring compassionate practitioner and a living example of radiant health and joy.
Phone number: 212 - 725-1078 or 917- 254-154