Jean Kathryn  Carlson

Jean Kathryn Carlson

Jean Kathryn Carlson believes that play is the new work. Her love of solitude, music, nature and dreams supports her in living a life full of magic and miracles. She loves to hang out in the land of imagi-nation and the invisible realms where anything is possible. She confidently navigates the world of dreams and boldly taps on anything and everything. She is endlessly amazed at how the wisdom of her dreams and the wisdom of her body have conspired to open her up to the alchemical vibrant life she now lives. Vibrant Living Alchemy is an outcome Jean Kathryn’s desire to make a difference in the world by sharing the exciting news that when we claim our inner authority we live more joyfully no matter what is going on around us. Jean Kathryn is a certified Dream Coach and dream facilitator, Law of Attraction Life coach, certified ProEFT Coach and absolutely loves bringing all this together to support her clients in choosing joyful transformation.