Solala  Towler

Solala Towler

Abode of the Eternal Tao
Solala has been teaching qigong for over 25 years. He has been the publisher of The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Taoist Philosophy and Practice, since 1993. He has had 12 books on the Taoist arts published and has recorded four cd’s of meditation/ qigong music. (His latest book, Practicing the Tao Te Ching: 81 Steps On the Way was published this spring) In addition, he is a founding board member of the National Qigong Association.
He teaches Taoist philosophy, meditation and qigong at workshops and seminars throughout the U.S.
He also tours to China to study qigong and meditation with Taoist teachers in the sacred Wudang Mountains. For more information on Solala’s work see his website at or write to
He will be leading a group to the Wudang Mountains this May. More info on that can be found on the website
He offers I Ching readings on line. He can be reached at