Shira Litwack, Medical Fitness Professional

Shira contributes regularly to 10 online health sites, is regularly interviewed by the media, and is author of the upcoming book “Living a Life to Prevent Cancer is the Healthiest Lifestyle of All”. She is an educator of health and fitness professionals, designs & provides corporate health programs and speaks regularly on the topic of cellular fitness. Focusing on our Cell-Being forces us to dig deeper - to understand those underlying saboteurs to our physiological, cognitive & emotional health. Amongst the key issues of our cell-being - is our redox state - our level of oxidative stress creating inflammation, which is at the root of our chronic modern day plagues: cancer, heart disease, depression, Alzheimers, mood disturbances, obesity, focus…….Our health & behaviour are dramatically altered by our cellular health. Shira is degreed in exercise (over 18 designations), holistic nutrition, addiction recovery, corporate health and has a BSc in Psychology & Chemistry.