David  Arnsteen

David Arnsteen

If you had asked David Arnsteen as a child what he wanted to do when he grew up, he wouldn’t have told you he wanted to sell pencils. Nor would he have told you he wanted to become a rabbi. Today, he is not a rabbi. He does sell pencils (and pens, paper, printer toners, and office furniture), but if you ask today what he may have been, had he known better as a child, had he the life experience he now has at 58, he would tell you that he should have become a rabbi. David was born in Detroit, MI. He did not grow up Jewish, though his father was an ethnic Jew, and most of his neighbors and family friends were practicing Jews.
David is enjoying his recovery from cancer, and he's my guest to remind us all that faith works! He is the happiest cancer survivor you ever met.
Come listen, he has quite a story to tell!