Helen  Greenspan

Helen Greenspan

Helen Greenspan has been rubbing up close to death, dying, and all things vulnerable since she was very young. Her whole life she has tended to hurt animals, birds and humans. Having had some significant losses in her teens, she experienced the lack of understanding, education and support relating to dying and grief in our culture. Determined to embrace this unavoidable part of life she became a Hospice Nurse, providing care, advocacy and education for those who are dying, and has been working in that capacity for 25 years Death is often seen solely as a medical event. This view does not allow for the possibilities for growth, deepening and transformation, for both the dying person and their loved ones, which are available at the end of life. Helen is committed to broadening the conversation about death and dying with her patients and the community. Helen is a graduate of the Metta Institute End of Life Practitioner Program and a Ren Xue teacher. She lives in Oakland, CA.