Rachelle  Caco

Rachelle Caco

Rachelle Caco is an award winning relationship success coach, speaker, facilitator and Founder of PowerfullyCHIC.com.
For the past 16 years, Rachelle has worked both with, and for, leading companies in the personal development industry.
She has become a familiar face in Hollywood where she caters to her numerous celebrity clients, many of whom you’d recognize from the big screen, the small screen and your radio.
She is one half of a power couple with her husband, Dennis Caco, SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year, whose products have won the “Shark Tank Your Life” contest on Good Morning America and has raised over $2 million in under 2 years using Kickstarter.com for his own inventions as well as co-ventures.
Rachelle is a Mom, Wife and powerful feminine leader who transforms women and power couples to experience exceptional joy by shifting their relationships to power partnerships.