Zef  Zan

Zef Zan

Zef Zan is often followed by these words...vivacious, energetic and infectiously inspiring! Consider yourself warned! Hold onto your seat belts and try to keep up! She is an entrepreneur, International Livestreamer, Keynote Speaker, and "Chief Flight Officer" at Entrepreneurs That Soar! As a live video producer, trainer and consultant known for being a "High Tech, High Touch Marketing Strategist", Zef helps high performing experts and busy entrepreneurs leverage live videos to save time and money. Her methods and systems help navigate logistics more efficiently and she primarily focuses on helping you optimize live videos to manage, market and make money in your business. Zef is a seasoned broadcaster, producer and host of various weekly live shows. She has been featured in several local media outlets in her home state Connecticut and national radio shows.Her average speed in life is 200 mph and she is a recent cancer victor and is just a ball of fire and will quickly inspire you!