Dr. Peter  Mansi

Dr. Peter Mansi

A Certified Fire Investigator with the IAAI, Member of the Chartered Society for Forensic Sciences and Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers. Peter attended and passed a two-week fire investigation course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre, Glenco, Georgia and a CFI re-certification course with the ATF in Washington DC. Peter has developed a unique comprehensive fire investigation methodology, designing a series of 23 Fire Investigation Road Maps (FIRMs) to enable the investigator to identify and analyse all available data relating to an incident without bias, as part of his PhD thesis, based on the study of fire investigation methodologies. Peter has been involved with many of the highest profile fire investigations within the UK and Ireland over the last 12 years. Peter was President of the IAAI’s 67th UK Chapter between 2003 and 2014 and the IAAI between 2014-2015.