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1/26/2017 nine-prisons-one-key

Nine Prisons One Key

Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio
The Enneagram is an incisive tool for self-knowing. It gets to the heart of our recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, & behaviors – those things we repeatedly do, some of which we wish we didn’t. Listen Now

12/22/2016 freeing-people-from-the-prisons-of-our-own-making

Freeing People from the Prisons of Our Own Making

Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio
Human Potentialist Susan Olesek, the founder of the Enneagram Prison Project, a California Non-profit project devoted to freeing the incarcerated from the prisons of their own making, is joining us in this fascinating episode to share with us what she means when she says, "We are all in the prison of our own making, in the way that we suffer our own personalities." Listen Now