Giovanni  Sovereigne

Giovanni Sovereigne

Giovanni Sovereigne is an accomplished actor, Sci-fictional writer, screenplay adaptation writer, and theatrical producer of motion picture. He also, currently produces the network television show: The Antiquity Gold Rush at Nevada City, CA., for the AETHERMARTIAN BROADCAST NETWORK® on Comcast Channels 11, 17 & 18.
An Actor by trade, Giovanni received formal method acting mentorship, and training under the guidance of a private school at Pleasanton, CA. His IMDB credits, most notably, include, the OPERATION REPO motion picture; adapted from the phenomenally successful OPERATION REPO Reality show on the TRUTV NETWORK.
He's currently in production of a theatrical trailer that shall best provide a look through the lens of a provocative filmmaker. He looks forward to the release of I ILLUMINATUS SWEAR: THE AETHERMARTIAN CAMPAIGN, his first novel, that has taken 4 years to write. He currently resides at Nevada City, CA. with his daughter Geneva Star.