Frank  Galli

Frank Galli

Frank L. Galli, a former United States Marine, serving with 1st Battalion 2nd Marines. Graduating Scout Sniper School in December of 1986, he also participated in Operation Earnest Will and Combat Operation Praying Mantis while a member of MAGTF 2-88.

In 2000 Frank started the online community Sniper’s Hide. A forum dedicated to long range precision rifle shooting. Through Sniper’s Hide, we go hands-on with everything precision rifle related. From 2003 to 2011 Frank worked as an adjunct instructor with Rifles Only in Kingsville TX, teaching precision rifle to both military and civilian students.

Today, he divides his time between the Sniper’s Hide website, teaching precision rifle classes from Alaska to Argentina, and assisting Mile High Training Group with its precision rifle classes. He also shoots on a weekly basis at his private range in Colorado. Frank is also the host of the Everyday Sniper Podcast