Trish  Nettleship

Trish Nettleship

Trish Nettleship joined UCB bringing over 20 years of marketing experience in high-tech and telecom industries. Previously at AT&T, she led digital marketing and social media for the business division focused on helping customers increase productivity and grow their business. Under her leadership, AT&T grew social into a significant channel for lead generation and overall engagement with their customers. Trish leads the newly-formed Multichannel Marketing team at UCB. Trish’s role is to define how multichannel marketing, working across organizational boundaries can provide a seamless, delightful experience for patients and key stakeholders. Her focus is on defining what opportunities and gaps we have in achieving this goal and creating the roadmap for digital transformation for UCB. In her time at UCB, Trish has built a framework for agility in our approach to digital that allows for “real time” impact on creating and delivering patient and stakeholder value.