Dr. Elizabeth  Stone

Dr. Elizabeth Stone

Dr. Elizabeth Stone is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at SUNY-Stoneybrook. She received her BA in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971, an MA at Harvard in 1973, and a PhD in anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1979. She has authored and co-authored numerous books and articles. Her research interests include Near Eastern archaeology, state formation, and ancient Mesopotamian economy and society. In particular, her research has been directed towards the ways in which urban structures reflect the underlying social, political and economic organization of their civilizations. Dr. Stone has directed many archaeological projects using a mixture of remote sensing, GIS, survey and excavation. She is now using high resolution satellite imagery to assess both the damage to Iraq's cultural heritage as a result of war, sanctions and occupation, and to develop a new understanding of ancient Mesopotamian settlement patterns.