Darrel  Holland

Darrel Holland

Worked at Gunsite for two years. First Gunsite Gunsmith, taught defensive shooting. Designed and developed sights and safeties for 1911's Browning HiPowers. Developed first AR and Ruger 10-22 heavy barrels in 1977. Designed muzzle brakes and barrel tuners for rifles. Early pioneer in reticle technology (Advanced Reticle Technology) in Leupold and Schmidt & Bender scopes. Advisory Panel Gunsmith for VHA magazine. Shooting Editor for Trail of The Sportsman Magazine. Contributor to Nosler Reloading manuals. Produced training DVDs for American Gunsmithing Institute. Teaches L/R shooting at his Oregon and Texas facilities. Designed the first L/H windage dial on Schmidt & Bender rifle scopes in 2002. Holder of several patents related to the shooting and survival industry. Manufactures complete line of hunting and shooting products. NRA, VHA and SCI Life Member.