Tracie Dean  Ponder, The STEM Educator

Tracie Dean Ponder, The STEM Educator

Tracie Dean Ponder is youngest of 11 children born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois. Her mother was an uncompromising advocate for education. It’s her passion that has ignited the spark that set Tracie on her path. With an ardent commitment for educating and empowering emerging talent she founded B~STEM Project and B~STEM Project Foundation (B~STEM). The organization’s primary goal is to create opportunities for young girls and women to engage, learn and grow around business and STEM disciplines across industries. BSTEM also provides extension programming for both boys and girls through strategic partnerships with organizations, academia and corporations. Tracie is driven by the vision that B~STEM will become a gateway to unlimited possibilities. The organization is committed to providing foundational support to help foster awareness, aspiration and innovation. Tracie is an award-winning entertainment veteran having worked as a writer, director and produce.