Maria  DiGiuseppe

Maria DiGiuseppe

As a fitness expert and former competitive athlete who overcame addictions, Maria DiGiuseppe shares her approach to physical and spiritual health in her book, “Fit and Faithful.” Maria is a certified personal trainer, certified health coach and corrective exercise specialist. She holds certifications in Yoga and Pilates, and includes these practices in her training and coaching work. Maria draws on her experience as a breast cancer survivor and her faith in providing guiding principles about fitness that are universally applicable. She offers expertise on issues such as strength training, nutrition, maturity and menopause, and breast cancer health. Her mission is to literally put a F.A.C.E. on fitness, an acronym she uses to present a comprehensive perspective on health that goes beyond one workout or one diet. Maria inspires and informs men and women about overcoming addiction and poor lifestyle behaviors, to find purpose, hope and peace.