Leslie  Hendrickson-Baral,  M.Ed.

Leslie Hendrickson-Baral, M.Ed.

Leslie Hendrickson-Baral, M.Ed. Expert in the science of Neurotherapy. Leslie focuses on brain “performance” and employs mind management technology for the peak performer; be it corporate executive, student, athlete or musician. Neurotherapy is educational therapy for the brain which specifically trains focus, attention, cognitive abilities, sleep regulation and emotional regulation. Brain training ensures that your brain is kept in prime working order no matter what life challenges come your way. Neuro-Fitness is always the end goal. Leslie employs Neuro-technology to impact Attention Training (ADHD), Hyperactivity, Reading (Dyslexia), Writing (Dysgraphia), Math (Dyscalculia), Long and short term Memory, Listening Skills and other conditions that involve brain performance.University of Louisville M.Ed. Field Of Study Reading Specialist, Psychology Activities and Societies: Board Certified and a Diplomate Am. Association of Integrative Medicine. Post Graduate: ASU.