Jay  Izso

Jay Izso

Call Jay Izso what you want: Social Mediologist, Psychological Business Consultant, Consumer Analyst, Conference Speaker, Researcher, Educator, or Motivator for business in both internet and face to face environments. Jay understands that businesses today are in need of something more than a new marketing plan. They need to better understand their consumer and how environments change the way consumers interact with business or want to be interacted with. Your consumer is changing as a result of the internet and social media environments. They have a different expectation of business; the traditional methods of contacting them and connecting with them have changed. Every single day, Jay researches the consumer. He is interested in their behavior both in the online social media world and in the world you call your business. He is not only a researcher in these environments but he is an active user and member of them. He has seen and built business in these online environments since 1997