Susan  Chritton

Susan Chritton

Susan Chritton is an Executive Coach, Master Personal Brand Strategist, and author of Personal Branding for Dummies. She partners with her clients as they transition from who they have been into who they want to become. With her wealth of credentials and extensive experience in career development, she is able to draw on her ability to identify each individual's uniqueness and then arrange the variables to map out a strategic direction. As the Facilitator for the Reach Personal Branding certification programs, she trains and mentors coaches in aligning their brand with their business so that they can increase their success and satisfaction. She has guided thousands of people through the career and personal branding process. Her book, Personal Branding for Dummies, was the #1 personal branding book on Amazon for over 18 months. She is a frequent speaker and trainer on Personal Branding; Strengths-based leadership; Transition; and Career Development.