Deidre  Paknad

Deidre Paknad

Deidre Paknad is the CEO and co-founder of Workboard, which helps companies operationalize and achieve their strategies with greater velocity and agility. She works directly with large enterprise customers on digital transformation and sustainable agility – her great fun and joy. Workboard is the third company Deidre has founded and led as CEO. Her last company, PSS Systems, helped organizations navigate treacherous conflicts in litigation rules and IT practices. It was acquired by IBM in 2010, where Deidre went on to lead a very high-growth global business for several years. Deidre has a long history as a thought leader with 17 patents, as founder of an industry organization for corporate CIOs and GCs that IDC calls a “think tank.” She has twice been inducted into the Smithsonian Institution for innovation. She has lived in Palo Alto, the epicenter of change, for 20 years.