Dr. Timothy J  Scarlett

Dr. Timothy J Scarlett

Dr. Timothy Scarlett is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology in the Industrial Heritage and Archaeology Program in the Department of Social Sciences at Michigan Technological University. He received degrees in anthropology and/or archaeology from the University of Arizona (BA, 1991), Boston University (MA, 1994), and the University of Nevada (Ph.D., 2002). Dr. Scarlett is committed to interdisciplinary and inclusive public archaeology. He has worked to develop several best-practice models for archaeological fieldwork that integrate field and lab research with community-based collaboration, education, heritage tourism, and traditional and new media documentary production. He received the John L Cotter award in Historical Archaeology in 2003 from the SHA. His research projects include Industrial Archaeology and Industrial Heritage at Pullman, Illinois, the Cliff Mine Archaeology Survey, The Utah Pottery Project and the West Point Foundry Archaeological Project.