CarolMarie  Fiorito-Borowsky, CHHC, RMT, RYT

CarolMarie Fiorito-Borowsky, CHHC, RMT, RYT

CarolMarie is a Womb Shaman, Reiki Master teacher, nutritionist specializing in women’s hormonal health and fertility, a placenta encapsulation specialist and Dance of Liberation Facilitator. She wholly trusts a person’s ability to heal and has worked with women worldwide to do so for over 13 years. After a series of abnormal pap smears and colposcopy procedure left her searching for answers, Carol tirelessly investigated functional medicine approaches for womb health and now teaches her clients to live in cyclical harmony with their menstrual cycles and use food, herbs and awareness practices to support their desire to conceive a child or live free from pain. Both men and women come to Carol for help in everything from conception through postpartum care, to heal from childhood trauma, participate in sacred dance ceremony and for clarity and direction in their spiritual lives. She is a co-founder of Womb Awakening NYC and Dance of Liberation NYC and holds workshops and ceremonies.