Shona  Page

Shona Page

I worked in civil engineering during my 40-year career. I enjoyed the outdoor life and as an engineering geophysicist I thought I had the best of all worlds; project planning, carrying out the field work, analyzing the data and communicating with the client. The job was exciting and challenging; travelling to remote parts of NZ to work on dams, roads, bridges, levees, rivers and in mines and tunnels, working from jet boats, jumping out of helicopters, setting and firing off shots of gelignite, working on construction sites etc. It was in this job that I met my husband Nick with whom I study and practice Ren Xue. Now I lead a quiet, but no less interesting life, seeking internally to find peace, joy and contentment – studying, practicing and teaching Ren Xue, growing fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and native trees, doing hard landscaping around our home and enjoying more time with my family and friends.