Sally  Hinds

Sally Hinds

Sally Hinds is a retired administrator with a wealth of experience. Career positions included Chief Operating Officer for a non-profit organization working with Russia where she was responsible for personnel (staff of 80) and operations; and running the electronic toll collection program for the Golden Gate Bridge.
Sally currently serves as president of Ren Xue of the Americas. In her own words: “Ren Xue has something for everyone. Whether confronting illness, wanting more energy, or strengthening the mind and heart – Ren Xue provides the tools. My goal is to keep getting healthier and stronger for decades to come, following the Ren Xue path to wellbeing!”
She holds a master’s degree in psychology. Prior to enrolling in the Ren Xue teacher training program in 2013, Sally pursued a variety of interests including astrology, dreams, Native American spirituality and rites of passage. In her spare time, Sally enjoys dancing Argentine tango and hanging out with her husband and grandkids.