Gaurav  Rastogi

Gaurav Rastogi

Gaurav Rastogi is Cofounder of an Artificial Intelligence startup (, which he started after a long career in driving sales transformation at an $8Bn software services company. He is author of two business books. He believes that future of work is going to be very different from the monolithic corporate model and it will tap into distributed workforces that are shared with other companies. As employees we will mix work-and-learning in quick cycles. “Computers” were once people too, he says, and believes that much of what we currently dislike about work- it’s repetitiveness and lack of satisfaction- will be done by computers and AI. But there’s another side to Gaurav that makes him interesting. He is also “Ekras Gorakh”, his spiritual name, and he is the founder of a non-profit (Mantra Chakra Foundation) that promotes healthy living through meditation and yoga has also authored one meditation eBook and a podcast on meditation called Living Meditations,