Dr. Adiel  Tel-Oren,  aka  Dr. T.,

Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, aka Dr. T.,

Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, Dr. T., European-trained MD, and Minnesota-licensed nutritionist, is an expert in functional, preventive medicine and testing. He travels worldwide conducting non-medical skin clinics and health consultations, educating both lay people and professionals. He certifies doctors and practitioners in his, non-surgical holistic procedures for eliminating and preventing skin and colon cancer. A tall order in a medical industry firmly rooted in surgery, drugs and never-ending pathology, yet this doctor remains undeterred in promoting more commonsense, cost-effective and safe alternatives for cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention, with success around the world to show for it. Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Dr. T served five years in military intelligence and had an extensive career in music before switching to medicine, the result of a long-term interest in health and nutrition stemming from a severe illness and tragedy in his family.