Dr. Asma  Ibrahim

Dr. Asma Ibrahim

Archaeologist Dr. Asma Ibrahim is the Director of the State Bank Museum & Art Gallery Department in Karachi, Pakistan. She received graduate degrees from the University of Karachi and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Fulbright Scholar in Ancient Human Remains at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is the Director and founding member of the Centre for Archaeological and Environmental Research, which is dedicated to the study and long term preservation of the art and heritage of Pakistan. Dr. Ibrahim has carried out excavations in the Indus Delta Area in the province of Sindh for several years. She has done extensive work at the site of Ratoo Kot in Sindh and Turbat and Nal in Baluchistan. She served as Co-Director of the French-Italian Archaeological Mission at the site of Banbhore and has worked as the Co-Director of the joint Pakistani and German Archaeological Mission to Kalat. She speaks seven languages and can read and write Kharoshti, Brahmi, Greek, and Cuneiform script.