Ms. Maureen  McCann

Ms. Maureen McCann

Maureen McCann joined Spartan Invest in April of 2014. As the VP of Sales and Marketing, and Co-Founder of Spartan Invest, Maureen brings with her 9 years of sales and marketing experience in the turn key marketplace. Maureen has grown the business from 57 properties to 335 properties and raised annual revenues from $3.3 million to $23 million in just 3 short years. She attributes her success to three things: hard work, a continual thirst for knowledge, and a vast, resourceful, professional network. Having served as an Investment Property coach for years, Maureen is skilled at helping clients build turn-key cash flow portfolios for her clients. Investing in turn key real estate for long term wealth generation is something Maureen understands intimately. She spends time coaching her clients on the wealth building principals that will help her clients and their families protect their capital and mitigate the loss of their capital while investing in real estate.