Dr. Steve  Ashby

Dr. Steve Ashby

Dr Steve Ashby is a senior lecturer in the Dept of Archaeology, University of York. He specialises in the archaeology of everyday life, craft, and trade in Viking-Age Britain and Scandinavia. At the University of York, his research focuses on applying novel biomolecular analyses to social and economic questions about the Viking age. Dr. Ashby’s most recent projects include the application of genetic and biological analyses to bone objects, the chemical analysis of pottery in order to investigate Viking-age food culture, and the systematic synthesis of metal-detected data from around the coasts of the North Sea. His books include “A Viking Way of Life” and “Everyday Products in the Middle Ages”.
Steve is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, recognising his role as a leader in university-level teaching, and his devotion to public outreach. He works regularly with TV, most recently in Real Vikings: a documentary tie-in with the History Channel's popular Vikings drama.