Susan Barbara  Apollon, PA Licensed Psychologist

Susan Barbara Apollon, PA Licensed Psychologist

Susan Apollon is a PA Licensed Psychologist, breast cancer survivor, author, educator, researcher of energy, healing, prayer, mind, and consciousness, - and has worked with those with cancer for 30 years. Her newest books, An Inside Job: A Psychologist Shares Healing Wisdom for Your Cancer Journey and its Companion to An Inside Job are born out of her clinical work with those diagnosed with cancer and her research dealing with remarkable healings and remissions. For years Susan has investigated the attributes of those who have “beaten the odds,” and passionately wishes to share these findings, along with the value of taking an integrative approach to healing. She is honored to co-lead a wonderful gynecological cancer support group. Happily married for 50 years, Susan experiences her greatest joy when with her family and especially her granddaughter. Her intention is to live with love and joy in the moment.