R. Paul  Singh

R. Paul Singh

Paul is a serial Entrepreneur who has created many successful companies in the software business. One of the companies he founded went public while the other three were acquired. He is an Advisor and mentor to many startups in the Business to Business (B2B ) software areas.
Before getting into startups, he worked in various marketing, product management and business development roles at large companies including Ascend/Lucent, Telebit/Cisco, Sun Microsystems and 3Com. He also wrote three books on Internet related topics.
Currently he is the CEO of Startup Strategies where he works with startups in their go to market strategies and with large companies on their innovation initiatives. He is also a charter member of TiE Silicon Valley; a non profit whose goal is to foster entrepreneurship worldwide. He also helps in organizing TiEcon which is one of the largest entrepreneurial conferences in the world.