Chip  Barnhart

Chip Barnhart

My name is Chip Barnhart and I specialize in commercial kitchen fire losses. My role in an investigation is to evaluate the performance of the commercial kitchen fire suppression system, ventilation, and related components. I worked for a manufacturer and wholesaler of fire suppression equipment for over 6 years as a product training & technical support specialist. Besides training the installers of commercial kitchen fire suppression equipment and answering related technical questions, I went to fire losses as a company representative when our attendance was requested. That was how I got my first exposure to a fire investigation. My entry into the field of fire investigation is somewhat atypical; coming from the “product” side compared to most of my colleagues who came from the public sector, academia, or a combination of both. I began working in this field in 2006 and have been working for Barnhart Consulting Services since 2013.