Steve  Akinboro

Steve Akinboro

Imagine sleeping on the floor for the first 17 years of your life, cleaning toilets and flipping burgers at McDonalds----- then going on to create a fabulously successful and lucrative career.That’s Steve Akinboro’s true-life story. He is living proof that with the right attitude, confidence in oneself and an unwavering belief system, we can reach our goals and achieve the life we hope for.At the age of twenty-one, Steve left Lagos, Nigeria with $100, a goal of becoming educated in the UK and an unshakeable faith that he could achieve success if he wanted to. He started his career with McDonald’s doing menial, grunge work. But because of his impeccable work ethic, Steve rose rapidly through the managerial ranks in the company, moving from London and then to the United States. Steve later joined Domino’s Pizza, where he rose to Executive Vice President. Currently Steve is the CEO at Harvest Global Consulting & Strategic Adviser, MCM Franchising.