Cynthia  Barlow

Cynthia Barlow

Cynthia Barlow is a facilitator, author, coach, and one of life's deep divers. Having coached executives and conducted leadership development programs for decades with her Toronto-based company, C3 Conversations, Inc., she brings a wealth of people knowledge to her newest book, How Deep is Today? In this bed-time story for grown-ups, Cynthia inspires us to look a little deeper and reach a little higher with her humorous, straight-forward style.
Cynthia is passionate about words, water, puppies, and chocolate of any kind, which she insists is a valid food group. She believes that everything is connected, not only to each other here on earth, but also to something bigger, some quantum field, some invisible connecting force, a sea of Life in which we swim, searching for our place, our passion, and our purpose.