Sheila  Liberman

Sheila Liberman

Trained as a pharmacist, Sheila Liberman created RPh on the Go USA, Inc. in 1980 and operated it as CEO until 2008. This innovative company pioneered the concept of placing temporary pharmacists in positions around the country and was the largest pharmacist staffing company in the USA when it sold in June 2008. Sheila’s desire to help people in life was demonstrated by her company’s Purpose, Vision and Mission statement Future, Love and Family and a vision to be at the forefront of the service economy while staying true to its mission of total quality. Sheila now uses her healthcare knowledge and desire to help others realize good health and is focused on bridging the gap between western and holistic medicine. She is dedicated to connecting people on the path to wellness by putting them in touch with healers from various modalities, including healers who implement homeopathic and naturopathic practices along with physical therapists and biological dentists and healthy chefs.