Stephanie  Frank

Stephanie Frank

Stephanie Frank, best selling author of The Accidental Millionaire, has been helping people troubleshoot and repair human and technology "vulnerability leaks" for over 30 years.
She is the President of the Holisec Group, a group of companies providing intelligence strategies through education, coaching and consulting for cyber security, behavioral profiling, process, entrepreneurship and communication. She holds ongoing certifications in Cyber Crime and Intelligence, Systemics and Behavioral Sciences.
She is the author of several educational series including the Success IQ Formula, Solving the Mystery Series, Digital Fortress and Success Shortcuts. A weekly columnist for Inc. Magazine, she is also published in over 90 countries and Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, Sales Excellence, Phoenix Business Journal, and has been interviewed for Fox News. She has shared stage with greats such as Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Dennis Whitley and more.