Angela  O'Brien

Angela O'Brien

Angela O’Brien, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, went to Hunter College/Bellevue School of Nursing and decided the business world was for her. She began her corporate career in Bell Laboratories in NJ, migrated to Southern California and developed into a corporate executive. After leaving corporate life, Angela opened her own dream business that satisfied her focus on healthy eating. She and her business partner opened “Fitness Fuel - The Healthy Takeout Alternative” in Dana Point. It was then she realized the true joy of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. During the 7+ years with Fitness Fuel, she was introduced to Network Marketing and is enjoying the journey since that day!” Angela has always believed that “what we focus on is what we create”. In her profession she is able to help many others breakout of their comfort zones, rid themselves of limiting beliefs and dust off their dreams. Her belief –always DREAM BIG!