Tracie  Hasse

Tracie Hasse

Tracie Anne Hasse guides entrepreneurs and business professionals to success with unique trainings and programs designed to use social networking strategically, both in person and online. She brings decades of networking experience and proven business models combined with 21st Century social media and mobile engagement to help companies and individuals energize their network and take advantage of outstanding opportunities.
Her mission is all about helping you connect with who or what will be the most beneficial for you, in real, meaningful, and tangible ways. Tracie Hasse International’s Signature Program helps clients make lasting impressions, build customer loyalty, and jumpstart sales.
As The Ambassador of Quality Connections and Strategic Alliances, Tracie thrives on building relationships, connecting people together, and growing business. She is the Founder of Tracie Hasse International and Author of “Go Big AND Stay Home~ Connect, Refer, Create Your Road to Riches!”