Shweta  Parmar

Shweta Parmar

Shweta Parmar’s journey to self-heal from polycystic kidney disease naturally fuels her passion to ignite the Inner Doctor Goddess within for lasting vitality and easeful life! As an Ayurveda practitioner/therapist of GutsierLiving, she supports women who eat organic and healthy and still feel like crap, regain sustainable energy in their day to day. She is passionate of healing the planet by healing birthing as an AyurDoula of BabyTheMama, specializing in concious conceiving, prenatal and postpartum care. She strongly feels that one of the key factors for successful business support and consciousness of the Divine Feminine/ Creation Energy at the individual, community and society levels. Womben must take responsibility for taking care of themselves - by any means necessary! She served as a Programs Director at Edgar Cayce’s Association of Enlightenment NYC, and Ayurveda Center of Balance NYC; and current NYS Coordinator of Wholistic Health Alliance.