Silva  Hagopian

Silva Hagopian

Silva Hagopian is a licensed Nail Technician and Instructor in the states of Arizona and California with over 20 years of experience. During this time, Silva has created what can best be described as a “cult following” of clients who wait months to see her and fly to wherever she is for her services. She has received a great deal of recognition from local and national magazines including “Best Manicurist” in Los Angeles, by Allure Magazine. As a natural nail care specialist, Silva sets herself apart with her distinguished skills. She has a reputation for providing results and detail-oriented manicures and pedicures. Silva believes deeply in natural nail care, and through extensive research, began using Dazzle Dry over 3 years ago. Didn’t take long for Silva to realize that this innovative product, Dazzle Dry, is changing the reputation of nail polish and nail services. It was then that she was determined to be a part of the VB Cosmetics culture.