Sanchita  Sur

Sanchita Sur

Sanchita Sur is the founder and CEO of Emplay, an award-winning startup that builds intelligent GPS-like turn-by-turn action recommendation systems for sales. She envisions a future of smart sales bots that can assist, augment and substitute for sales reps, revolutionizing selling as we know it. She has 17 years of sales and consulting experience with deep understanding of data analytics and product management. She is a published author and contributor to the Amazon bestseller, “Data Driven: How performance analytics delivers extraordinary sales results”. She also blogs and speaks at events about the future of AI-driven sales enablement and is the architect of patent pending self-learning sales DNA and sales recommendation methodology. With an engineering and management degree from India, she started her career with a Big 4 consulting firm before field selling for a U.K. based telecom co. and heading performance analytics consulting for a $Billion company acquired by Capgemini.