Dr. Leny  Strobel

Dr. Leny Strobel

Dr. Leny Mendoza Strobel is Professor of American Multicultural Studies at Sonoma State University. She is also one of the Founding Directors of the Center for Babaylan Studies (CFBS) (www.babaylan.net), a 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to facilitate the process of decolonization and re-indigenization specifically among Filipinos in the diaspora. Her books, journal articles, anthologies and public talks on these themes have planted many seeds in various communities that are now manifesting as part of a larger visible cultural and ecological movement. The Center organizes conferences, workshops, retreats, and symposia. Dr. Strobel also teaches a year-long course, with Dr. Jurgen Kremer, on decolonizing whiteness through the exploration of an ethnoautobiography process that centers indigenous paradigms.
You can find more info on Dr. Strobel’s work here: https://www.lenystrobel.com/