Rabbi Mark  Borovitz

Rabbi Mark Borovitz

Rabbi Mark Borovitz is an Ex-Mobster who is now dedicating his life to helping others heal from addiction and turning society's fear of the "convicted criminal" around. Mark is not your typical Rabbi. Before he took to the Torah, he was a mobster, gangster, con man, gambler, thief and a drunk. It wasn't until he spent time in prison and had a moment of divine intervention that saved his life. Today, Mark is the Senior Rabbi at Beit T'Shuvah in Los Angeles, the House of Return, Synagogue and rehabilitation facility for addicts of all kinds, as well as an advocate for criminal rehabilitation and acclamation. He has become the driving force for wellness to Hollywood's elite; powerhouse Jimmy Iovene refers to Rabbi Mark as a confidant and spiritual guide.
Rabbi Mark recently released his latest book, "Finding Recovery and Yourself in Torah: A Daily Spiritual Path to Wholeness" which outlines his unique treatment practices; the only alternative to 12 Steps utilizing Judaism.