Jeff  Blackman

Jeff Blackman

Jeff is a speaker, author, success coach, broadcast personality and lawyer. He heads Blackman & Associates - a results-producing business-growth firm in the Chicago area. Jeff is a "business-growth specialist", sharing his positive and profit-producing message with numerous businesses, entrepreneurial organizations, solo practitioners and associate audiences around the world over the past two decades. Jeff is a member of the National Speakers Association, elected in 2008 into the Speakers Hall of Fame, and awarded the CPAE, an award that has also recognized Ronald Regan, Colin Powell and many other distinguished speakers. Jeff has also interviewed Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Jenner and Jim Lovell on his radio and TV talk-shows and is a contributing editor to numerous magazines and newspapers. Jeff graduate with honors from both University of Illinois and the Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago Kent College of Law. First and foremost, Jeff is a devote husband and father.