Fred  Smith

Fred Smith

As a business marketing strategist, Fred works with his mentors, serial entrepreneurs Walter "The 10 Million Dollar Man" Bergeron and Sam Frentzas atRed Carpet Business Marketing; guaranteed 30-day, done-for-you marketing systems to launch your business to a whole new level. His clients have included: CEOs of major organizations, multinational companies, business owners, C-suite executives,professional salespeople and professional services providers. Before devoting himself full time to Red Carpet, Fred spearheaded a successful launch of a company in the highly competitive automotive insurance space from $0 to over $300 million in less than 4 years. As a former Marine, Fred has appeared in the media in civilian and military newspapers. He’s also co-written in the “Entrepreneur Success Stories“ series with Loral Langemeier, and co-authored with Dan S. Kennedy is his revised "The Ultimate Success Secret". Fred is also a certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John C. Maxwell Team