Erin  Leyba, PhD

Erin Leyba, PhD

Erin Leyba, PhD, an individual and marriage counselor, specializes in helping parents of young children. In addition to writing her popular blogs, she speaks often to parenting and childcare groups. She is the mother of three young children and has been counseling parents on dealing with children for almost twenty years. She has developed techniques that help parents, not only cope, but also feel joy in their parenting and in their relationships with each other. The 101 short chapters focus on ideas that relate to both the inner work of shifting perspectives and the outer work of taking action. Leyba says, ideas in her book, Joy Fixes for Weary Parents, "are built on the premise that if you keep habits of joy at the forefront, then many challenges that parents face, like weariness, tend to resolve themselves." Erin and her family live in the Chicago area. Please visit her at