Dr. Richard  Eglen

Dr. Richard Eglen

Dr. Richard M. Eglen is Vice President and General Manager of Corning Life Sciences (CLS). He sets and executes the strategic direction for the division’s growth including the acquisitions of Mediatech Inc. and of Becton Dickinson’s Discovery Labware as well as creates partnerships and collaborations to position CLS as an innovative leader in key markets. Eglen has also led the expansion into Asia Pacific, where CLS invested in new manufacturing and distribution facilities to support regional growth.
Dr Eglen’s prior experience includes executive management positions as Vice President of the Center for Biological Research at Roche, as Executive VP for R&D at DiscoveRx Corp, as General Manager of Drug Discovery Reagents, and as President of Bio-discovery, PerkinElmer.
He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Special Honors Physiology from Sheffield University, U.K. and a Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology from Trent University, U.K.